[beagleboard] $129 ARM 1.4Ghz Cortex-A9 Quad-Core development board...

Hiya all

For sometime now, my only input to this group has been some serious lurking, up until, this post was read.

My only experience with embedded platform’s has been the beagleboard revB, which was fun and impressive. However, ultimately, for SDR applications it’s not nearly fast enough. My aim was the pandaboard,it’s not anymore.

Great post!



I’ve just orderd one with 13.3inch LCD module kit and several pepherals.
It seems to be they can ship them end of this month July.

When I looked into this blog, I couldn’t stop buying one.

Exynos4412 has much more computing power as well as 3D/2D hardware accelerator OMAP4/Tegra3.
I think Android platform BSP on ODROID-X seems to be pretty well optimized due to Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.

But, the Ubuntu Linux may need to have a X11 H/W acceleration soon.
Even the over all performance is acceptable as below video.

Anyway, I’ll post again with test results when I get one.

2012/7/12 Stacy Williams <slateblue69@gmail.com>

Agreed Stacy.
If they come through with Ubuntu 12.04 it will be ideally suited, even for quisk which struggles as it's written largely in python.

One problem with the Pandaboard, the on-board sound card isn't seen so I am forced to use USB sound instead.
root@panda:~# cat /proc/asound/cards
  1 [Aureon51MkII ]: USB-Audio - Aureon5.1MkII
                       TerraTec Aureon5.1MkII at usb-ehci-omap.0-1.2.3, full speed

I have had ghpsdr3-alex running on the Beagleboard XM with sound, on the Pandaboard the only QtRadio doesn't offer selection of the USB sound card.

73 ... Sid.

There may be more choice, I'm following closely Fedora which I'm running on the RasPi.
openSUSE I haven't yet figured. They have only started with ARM recently and I haven't been able to make any sense of it.

When I suggested an ARM port last year they brushed it aside saying Intel Atom will blow it away so there was no point.
Like almost everything else new down the ages that has been considered of little use or value.

At work they thought I was crazy back in the mid 1990's when I ditched Windows and did everything workwise on my company laptop under Linux.

Hi Sid

For sometime, I have been following your posts in this group. It will be some day very soon, when its possible to run the whole QtRadio package, and the Widget & Mobokit too, on a singular contained embedded platform. Having that power and portability available will revolutionize ham radio. I can’t wait:)

Sid, even the word “Microsoft” makes me feel faint;)

Just, imagine another 2yrs when they have 16 of these cores on a single PCB!

Holla Lee

To be honest Lee, I’m so tempted to buy now too. For the last two hours, whilst playing with my cat and brushing up on Android simultaneously, I have tried to talk some reason with my self;) But, please let me know how it goes,also I will keep my eyes peeled on group posts, as always.



Same here Stacy, everything is moving at quite a pace. May be in months we’ll see 8 cores and there is ARM 64-bit to look forward to. Back when Windows 95 was it, I went all Linux. For work there was X3270 to connect to mainframes, XDMCP to connect to High End SPARC partitions and console - Solaris and Windows could only connect to one at a time where Linux could connect to many at the same time, Citrix Linux client tow work with our NT servers, CiSCO Linux VPN client to connect to our corporate systems, Lotus Notes under wine for email, StarOffice for Presentations and expense spreadsheets … Everything under Linux. One late night young Kevin who was helping me to produce a tools CD for the guys Stateside to install on RedHat so they could escape the Microsoft tax, sitting across from me said “F**K it, I’m blowing away 95”. I paused for a few seconds and soon afterwards we had wiped 95 from our corporate laptops and never looked back. It’s always tempting but you have to pause a while as something more exciting may be around the corner. BTW, my HiQSDR Preselector/PA board has only minutes ago arrived from Germany, the box is still unopened. Next I have to start winding toroids of it, around 30 needed to cover 160m to 6m. Regards Sid.

16 cores in the embedded/mobile world? You must be kiddin ah? You will be sorry about all those cores when you switch from a wall adapter to a tiny battery. All these cores eat current like t-rex!