[beagleboard] Adafruit Mini Wifi Not Working With BeagleBone

Did you do "opkg install linux-firmware-rtl8192cu" ?
try "modprobe rtl8192cu"

Be sure you are using power adapter (5V 2A).

2012/9/14 pkout <kout.petr@gmail.com>

You’re not the only one having problems. I eventually got it to work but I don’t how I did it, which is why I didn’t post. One thing seems to be that with Angstrom you can’t configure wlan0 while eth0 is up. Once I did have it working the response time over ssh was unworkable, even when swapped back to eth0. It’s not critical for me so I gave up on it for the time being.

Sorry – can’t be more help.



I guess you’ve already read the posts about this adapter in the Adafruit forum. Others are having problems with that adapter too. Unfortunately, even after you’ve solved your current problem you might not be happy with the adapter, due to its limited range and its instability. Personally, I’ve stopped using it and gone back to a wired connection through a wireless AP.

The fact that modprobe rtl8192cu hangs is odd, and probably indicates a problem with your Angstrom image. Are you using the microSD card that came with the Beaglebone? I just tried the adapter with the 3.2.28 kernel using the 2012.08.14 “demo image” at http://downloads.angstrom-distribution.org/demo/beaglebone/, and it worked normally. modprobe returned right away, whether the adapter was inserted or not.

You’ll probably fine Ubuntu easier to test with, since it doesn’t use connman (though your current problem doesn’t appear to have anything to do with connman). With the current Ubuntu kernel from Robert C Nelson, you can just insert the adapter and check dmesg, and you should see the output with the MAC address etc. No additional packages are required beyond what’s included in the Ubuntu image. Then, configuration is done the traditional Linux way, by editing /etc/network/interfaces.


try this


he use wifi type “Edimax EW-7811” and the “Duronic IR786”, Both of these adapters are less than €10 ($13 USD) in price.

yes I am having the same problem