Beagleboard Ai 64 A Ripoff

I just received the Beagleboard Ai 64 after paying a ridiculous price of $190 from Electromaker. I paid $12.50 for shipping and asked to return it because it is WAY overpriced for limited features, including NO Wi-fi/BT, no speaker and microphone interfacing, and NO support. MOREOVER< it is 3x price and MUSH less capable than BeagleY!!!
VERY angry! NOW, I must PROVE with pictures and a huge fight to return, and pay MORE to ship it back!!!
I will NEVER do business with Beagle and Electromaker!!!

I think all the specifics are public enough to know what you are buying. It is higher performance than BeagleY-AI and has more I/O. We chose to provide M.2 for WiFi to maximize performance with moving technology. Lowest possible cost was not the objective. USB or cape headers are suitable for adding audio in. Audio is also rendered over the miniDP.

Can you be more specific about support and what we can do better?

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Online bullies will not get very far these days, every one selling online or selling on ebay and amazon have been abused for many years and no longer give in. Maybe you should have bought it on ebay and threatened and intimated the seller with NEGATIVE feedback so you can get it for free.

So what is your game, your comments are indicative of an online bully looking for something for free. If you really need help getting your board set up these guys will do what ever it takes to help you get it running.

Failure to read the specs is 100% your fault not that of the retailer or the manufacture.

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@Lyndon_Castro ,

I found this idea online: BeagleBone AI-64 — BeagleBoard Documentation

Also, are there particular modules you are trying to validate as useful with the TDA4VM onboard the BBAI-64?

I mean…

  1. Are you just trying to port some software to the ARM or use another coprocessor onboard?
  2. What exact modules are you using to interface with the BBAI-64?
  3. In time and maybe not as-of-today, there could be more people trying to centralize their learnings in and around the BBAI-64…


P.S. I have noticed that along with board manufacturing and producing, development comes in time. I am sort of new too or at least I am sort of new. In any light, I am sorry you are choosing to not use the board. The more, the merrier.

Also…if you know how to port specific libraries to use with your BBAI-64, this may prove valuable too.

Where are you looking in your FS to handle the peripherals? Anyway, I hope you change your mind on utilizing the board and its power to develop.

Simple system fir Ai/ML, yet INLY NVidia offers—at a high price:

  1. Dual cameras
  2. Mics (2 sep audio channels) not absurd $150 add-on
  3. Speaker
  4. At least 8 tops tpu
  5. Wi-fi 6
  6. BT 5
  7. Std Raspberry Pi 5 size
  8. USB-c for video and power

I will buy Millions of units if made available for less than $120

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With that much cash to work with why are you even bothering with an off the shelf board. Pretty sure you have not done much in the way of development with those other boards.

If you did, you would get your eyes opened up as too the level of support that you will not get. We decided to go with an SoC supplier, pretty healthy investment on our side.

Guess what, they REFUSED to help us out on the first and only issue we had with their SoC and carrier board. After some long thought I said * them…, and then dropped them as a vendor. So keep that in mind with your decision, the BBB guys have helped us out way more than ANY other source of boards.

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@Lyndon_Castro ,

Seth here again. Have no fear! So, I am not about boasting or being negatory in any manner and I do not know why for now. In any light, does gpioinfo report back any thing that may be of use?

For instance, something I have found to be true on specific images and kernels, the command gpioinfo sometimes shows what is available as input that then can be turned into an output or vice versa.


P.S. That is just one way to see what is going on in the FS. Also, /sys/class/* is another way to find what is available for use…

I have seen things change in time. So, trying to keep up is part of the whole shebang. Maybe if you stick with it for a while, you can also see how the board development with specific people utilizing the board will change in time. But…if not, I understand. From my perspective, it seems that there is a lot going on with the boards these days. So, I am sure development in and around them will be sooner or later.


I see some people have been making .dtbo files available for this board through time…



Look at all the .dtbo files! Plenty of 'em and that is not all of 'em. So, if you wanted to use a specific peripheral, one can but it might already be done for you!


P.S. Um, yea. That is about it. So, the TDA4VM has a lot to offer (yes). I understand. But…at times some people in the development of the board may not have time or sometimes people have to move on at times. Now, is this hearsay? Yes…it is hearsay. I made up everything that could be taking place behind the scenes but I know some people, whoever they are currently, are also building .dtbo files and making the images work for development. Just some notions here. Nothing too inflammatory.

I can’t figure out if you are baiting me. My guess is that you are, but whatever.

Why not look at BeagleY-AI, which is around $70, then add the extra bits you want.


USB audio adapter is under $10 on Amazon. HATs with audio can be similar in price.

Small powered speakers are available on Amazon for under $15.

BeagleY-AI has 4 TOPS built-in. 4 TOPS can be added with Coral Mini PCIe accelerator for about $30.

All built into BeagleY-AI.

I’ve been trying to figure out a small, cost-effective solution for video over USB-C for years. I’ve tried over and over to ask Texas Instruments to make a one-chip solution for this.

As of now, I think in the 10k-100k unit range this will cost $7-$15 per board. Add all the mark-up and it becomes impractical–which I think is the only reason you see it only in laptops where there is a bit more integration around the USB-C interface. Embedded/auto/industrial solutions haven’t yet found the demand–though I agree this is the way to go.

Easiest solution today is to buy consumer adapters. I’ve seen these for about $30.

There’s a guy who made a list at Bi-directional DisplayPort->USB-C, HDMI->USB-C, and HDMI->DP cables – Dan S. Charlton



I’m not the only one that would sell you a million units meeting the above specifications. We make trade-offs to try to meet many different people’s needs and we provide open hardware such that you can go make it yourself if you want.

I’m OK with you posting negative things about what we are doing, but please don’t be disingenuous. People spend real time working on solving real problems. If you have real criticisms, please, by all means, level them. If you want to play games, go elsewhere.


Ok, I agree with you. Maybe there is a pathway to silving my needs. I ordered BeagleY-Ai and will download schematics to design appropriate longterm solution.

Thanks for inputs.

This is an interresting point you are making. But i happen to dissagree with your position. If i compare bealgebones on price alone, they are severly dissadvantaged against other boards, like (elephanf in the room), raspberry pi. In the case of the Beagleone AI-64, it came out at a similar time as the Raspberry pi 4. On price alone, the raspberry pi 4 wins. It has a quad core A72’s. Can even be configured with more RAM. Here is the deal. In my opinion, this is not comparing apples to apples. Raspberry Pi’s are engineered with what i understand to be mobile chips. Beagles, up until recently, are built around industrial TI chips. Way more reliable, durable, efficient and dependable. More rugged, and above all, way, way more versatile. The TDM4VM, has 12 PRU’s. at 5 dollars each (about the price of a Arduino nano, just way faster), were talking of 60 dollars just there. It also comes with a HUGE heat sink. Worth 5 to 10 dollars on its own. The main processor cores, are the same as in the RPI 4, but only 2 cores, and running at much higher clock speed. If all this is not enough, you can build your own board. Try that with the RPi foundation. And this is not mentioning the R5 (which i still have no idea what it is or works, only that it can be CRAZY fast and powerfull). These can run up to 900hz. Which means only a microcontroller on this board, is faster than the clock speed of the original 3.1416 inspired board (or programming language integrator) named board i have been reffering to. I switched to beagles, and not even thinking of looking back. Just my 2 cents… In my case, i dont think i will be switching to the BeagleY-AI. i ahve built my platfor on the PRU, something it does not have. I will wait for the next generation of balck and pocketbeagles.

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Thanks for info!