BeagleBoard AI-64 not detected on computer nor as a standalone computer

Nothing happening when plugging in the board only the power led is on and the first one is flashing.

The first LED flashing is a very good sign. If your only connection to your PC is via USB-C, you should be able to ping “beaglebone.local” and you’ll get the IP address of the USB-based TCP/IP connection. You can log on as “debian@beaglebone.local”.

If you have an RJ45 (wired ethernet) connection, you should also be able to ping beaglebone.local provided your PC is on the same subnet and you have a hub running a DHCP server. However, to narrow down the possible issues, it is perhaps easiest to start with only the USB-C to PC connection. That gives you both power and an ethernet connection.

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Hello kendalla,

Host is not found.

Ok, I connected to ethernet and was able to ping. Now what can I do?

I tried to ssh:

temp pass is not working

ssh in PUTTY is working now. Thank you, I will try to solve the issue now.

Add the user name…

ssh debian@beaglebone.local


I believe I found why I was having this problem.

How can I solve this?

u-boot want’s to see Image as un-compressed… Our kernel install script fixes that… generic-sys-mods/suite/bullseye/debian/zz-uenv_txt · main · / repos-arm64 · GitLab

i need to patch that ^…

mainline compress’s “Image” by default, where as debian patches it and ships it as un-compressed…

Anywho, Debian’s 5.10.x kernel doesn’t have device tree support for the bbai64 anyways…


sudo apt remove linux-image-5.10.0-20-arm64 --purge



I connected the bb to my laptop this morning and the first LED won’t blink as it usually does, I didn’t change anything, just upgraded

Hi Kendalla,

The first LED is not blinking any longer and ping or ssh to beaglebone.local is not working.