Beagleboard and Xbee (zigbee)


Do you know if there are there any projects using Xbee and

I've looked around the net but can't find any example of beagleboards
communicating with xbee.

Thanks for the help

Student robotics will be using an XBee with a BeagleBoard very soon.

Our kit currently uses an NSLU2 that talks to an XBee. Since we're
replacing the NSLU2 with a BeagleBoard, we will have BeagleBoards
talking to XBees.

I maintain [1] a library [2] for talking to XBees. We currently use
this on the NSLU2, and getting it going on the BeagleBoard should be
straight-forward (at some point in the near future I'll have an OE
recipe for it that).



[1] Heh, at the moment my maintenance consists of beating it into shape
every year for the SR competition.