Beagleboard Ångström demo files, NO HDMI output

Hi eveyone
Just recently bought Beagleboard Rev C4 and tried to load Beagleboard
Ångström demo files from the following link:

and i can see the device booting and everything, from an 2Gb SDCard
without any changes in uboot or anywhere else, but i don't see HDMI
output working at all. I have connected the device via and HDMI cable
to a Samsung TV 46 inch HDTV. Can someone help to find out what the
problem could be. I just started and maybe I am missing something on
the process or configuration.


TVs have different timings than monitors so it is very possible that you do not have the correct timings in your bootargs to support your TV. HDMI inputs are very picky on TVs. I suggest you do a search on this discussion group as this has been discussed a lot in the past and see what others have done.


Thank you Gerald, just realized reading other posts that the signal is
not HDMI but DVD-I from beagleboard. i will try it on a regular PC
using a HDMI-to DVI cable.


Oh yeah, and the HDMI output from the BeagleBoard isn't a "trully
HDMI", but it's just the HDMI conector, that just carries the video
data at 1024x768 (if I'm not wrong). So, you need to use an HDMI to
DVI-D cable to connect to your monitor