[beagleboard] Apt-get missing all of the useful repositories

I've been trying to install openCV and libfreenect2 on my Beagleboard-X15,
but it's difficult because I can't run things like "apt-get install
python-numpy" or "apt-get install python-matplotlib." Just about every
program I can think of to install with apt-get doesn't work. Hopefully
openCV is included by default in later compilations of the BBX15 image but
for now I've got to figure out how to include all of these packages in the
apt-get command.

Update your apt cache first, "sudo apt-get update"

I think I'm supposed to add to the /etc/apt/sources.list file to add
repositories to apt, but I don't know what exactly I'm supposed to add. What
do I do to get all of these repositories on the ubuntu images of the BBX15?


You didn’t mention which image your using. I had similar problems with the Buster image on a PocketBeagle. Apt-get wouldn’t work for me because there is no network connectivity to deb.debian.org or rcn-ee.com, the two repositories used on Buster.
A possible work-around, which you seem to hint at is creating your own repository on a local folder. I’m assuming you have the ability to download the needed packages and get them onto the BBB. Try this:

  1. Create a local repository folder; “sudo mkdir -p /opt/repo”
  2. Copy your packages to that folder.
  3. Create a Packages file; “sudo touch /opt/repo/Packages” and “sudo chown debian /opt/repo/Packages”.
  4. Write a list of your packages to Packages; “sudo dpkg-scanpackages -m . > /opt/repo/Packages”
  5. Lastly, create a sources list in /etc/apt/sources.list.d. Call it whatever you like as long as it has the .list file extension.
  6. In that file add; “deb [trusted=yes] file:/opt/repo” Or your can use a URI to that location if you want network access to your local repo.

This may not be a complete solution. While I have been able to get it to work for some packages, installing a package with a lot of dependencies is problematic. For instance “aptitude” eventually ran into a dependency for a newer version of libc6. Yes, you can install it from a local repo, but that will only hose your OS as just about everything else depends on libc6. I have not yet tried “dpkg-reconfigure libc6”, which was suggested on a recent Reddit post. YMMV.