[beagleboard] BBB 2 USB host

No you cannot.


Not sure what Gerald meant exactly (probably that it is difficult and voids the warranty) but it is possible.


It will most definitely void the warranty. Plus you have no short circuit protection on the 5V.


Well i provided that link via IRC, but I did not provide it as fodder to use against gerald. SInc he CREATED the BBB, he knows best.

As I said on IRC use it at your own risk, as such do not even expect a comment about what you’re doing on the groups here. I definitely wont be commenting further on it.

This is old stuff. Has been discussed hear many time before. It is just a lot simpler to add an $8 HUB on the host port and get four USB ports. Especially due to the lack of SW support.


Well my comments on irc was YES it is possible, and no it is not suggested,. TO which I got the reply that device warranty was not a concern so much as having to modify the kernel ( I always view comments like these as odd from a personal aspect ) $45 is not a huge amount of money. that does not mean I am looking for a way to break it . …on a personal level. so yeah whatever. USE AT OWN RISK.

I don’t mean to attack anybody. I just wanted to make the answer to this question more accurate. An inexperienced reader after reading the initial reply might assume it was electrically or functionally impossible and stop there.

OK. So it is possible. It is also possible to blow up the board. I designed the board. I say do not do it. Yes it is possible to try and replace the processor yourself. But not advisable. But, that is possible.

To anyone else reading this post, yes you can do it. It is possible But, you may need some help in doing it correctly.


BTW I think implementing networking on the mini-usb connector was an awesome idea. It makes interfacing to the board extremely easy.