[beagleboard] BBB and SD card booting

Have you searched the form? It is possible and there are a number of ways to do it already described in the forum.


Following Robert C Nelsons very good instructions here http://eewiki.net/display/linuxonarm/BeagleBone+Black for putting debian on an uSD card, I stopped once to the SD card boot portion. I have been booting from uSD on the BBB always without using the S2 switch. Or pressing switches of any kind.

I am not sure exactly how this is possible either, but would also like to find out. There is also uEnv.txt setup instructions there too. Also, before compiling uboot, there are instructions for patching uboot, which has to do with uEnv.txt it seems.

After reading through some docs related to uboot I am however almost sure boot decisions can be made through uEnv.txt. But I am not exactly sure how. uboot uEnv.txt.seem vast in number.

uboot uEnv.txt.boot parameters seem vast in number*.