[beagleboard] BBB Internet Acess over usb

Should be possible in windows using ICS (Internet connection sharing). I wont go into a how to here, as it has been a while since I have used it myself, but there should be plenty of examples on the web.

There are plenty of example of ICS on web, but they are usually for internet sharing between two computer. I followed one of example:
1:Share my wifi network to local network(BBB)
2:Fix local network, this is the step that doesn’t work. I am not sure if it is because I am using win8.

My understanding is that the driver on BBB and PC coordinate with each other, so that the USB connection appears as a Ethernet connection of PC. However, if I ping www.google.com on BBB, it will still use eth0 as default network card. I guess I need to set BBB up as well.
Thank you for the key word ICS you mentioned, so that at least I know what term should I search for. Could you give me a little hint
about what else steps I might miss?

在 2013年5月26日星期日UTC-4下午11时45分59秒,William Hermans写道:

If your pings are still goinging out eth0, then your issue is likely a routing issue. You’ll need to make sure you set the default route to use the USB device.

Josh, I added those two commands to the end of /usr/bin/g-ether-load.sh but when I reboot they don’t take. Is there a way to source these that isn’t so obvious?

I also can’t get it to work consistently (or maybe at all) on boot when using usb gadget network. (Same for getting ntp-systemd to set the date/time …which might be related, and the inability to set correct date automatically is what I believe is causing the most issues for newbies more than any thing else.) It does work consistently if I enter the commands manually. I believe it is a timing or service startup order issue, but not yet positive.

Things do seem to work as expected when using the ethernet connection.

Hmm, that may be a source of my problems. I never set the date either. Looking online, it seems that it doesn’t continue to set automatically. How did you do that? Is this Gentoo solution (ctrl-f “Using swclock”) reliable?

(It still isn’t working reliably for me using ethernet.)

Using swclock or similar would help keep the date/time close. I think ultimately you want ntpd to set the date/time, and do so as soon as possible after network is available. The best info I’ve seen for that is here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11219832/what-is-the-best-way-to-run-ntpdate-at-reboot-only-after-network-is-ready . (That answer also mentions a default timestamp service which replicates the swclock notes you found.) However, after setting up the service per that answer it appears to work when connected via ethernet, it does not seem to work when connecting USB. (The date/time sometimes seems to update eventually though. Perhaps that’s due to the cron job that is setup in the demo image.I’m not sure).

Regardless, I’ve started messing with the armhf.com ubuntu images, and things seem to just work. Hard to say how much of that is due to my inexperience with Angstrom though.