[beagleboard] Beagle Board Expansion Layout (missing information)

I was beginning a project to layout an expansion board for the beagle
board and noticed some missing information in the wiki and system
reference manual.
The following information would be helpful:
Location of the standoffs from a single point (sounded simple I thought)
Keep out region around the standoffs (I prefer to follow the standard
used by the original board)
location of the expansion connector(s) primarily the big 2.54mm
spacing one mostly in reference to pin one. The other two connector
locations would be nice as well. In case I ever want to add FFC
connector to an LCD to a board for the beagle board.

Also why did the designers choose 0x50 for the I2C address? The HDMI
connector has an I2C interface, just seems odd to use that address.

The information provided for the I2C EEPROM just includes VENDOR and
DEVICE id REVISION information but what about CONTENT and DATA fields?

Likely more questions here than answers but I thought it was worth a
try at least!

If a board has a different mux interface does this require the
producer to provide the module for the beagle board? Seems a bit
vague in the documentation what to do etc.

Have a good one.


That is on a different bus, so it won't interfere with EDID.



The mecahnical informtion is contained in the Gerber files or the CAD files and are provided.


I didn't think about that, I'll use a gerber plot viewer to do some
measurements. Thanks much appreciated.

Well I am aware of this, for some reason, it struck me as still a bit
odd. Granted limiting the address range for memory devices to 0x50 to
0x57 is also a bit limiting, that however is a totally different
subject matter (heh).

I should bang on my Angstrom set up to use EDID with my monitor (add
that to the long list of things to do LOL).

Thanks for your reply.


If you download the Allegro free viewer to read the CAD files, it actually has a ruler on it that works pretty well.