[beagleboard] Beagle board xm C1 damaged

Can you tell us what devices were damaged on each board?


Hi Gerald,

i exactly dont know what devices may be damaged on the board but the behavior of both board looks exactly the same.

  1. Both wont respond on serial console.
  2. Processor and TPS6595 are getting very hot.
  3. No Led is on other than D5

Is there something wrong with the setup i have already explained?
can there be some issue with the s-video or camera module connected through a connector?

hi Mark,
We plan to drive both the devices with a single battery, this was just a temporary arrangement.
The ground levels of the two batteries are made common.


Neither do I. If the processor is getting hot, then you have blown the processor. I suggest you request an RMA and get the board looked at http://beagleboard.org/support/rma