[beagleboard] Beagle bone / Unbuntu noobie help - Round 2

What was the 'revision' of the minimal demo image you used when
flashing your SD card.. Have you tried using 5volt dc power?


Both excellent questions and I should have answered them initially…

I’ve tried: ubuntu-11.10-r10-minimal-armel and ubuntu-12.04-r3-minimal-armhf. I think I may have tried a slightly earlier version of 12.04, but I’ve since blown away the image and can’t remember.

So far I’m powering the device from the USB plug, which is also the console connection. Can you use the USB device connection and power via the 5v barrel connector? I can certainly hack something up to use the 5v plug for power as well.

I assumed that since the Angstrom builds were working, I was good on power.

Thanks for you help!

So this afternoon the external power supply (wall wart) showed up and I just got a chance to try. When powering the device with an external source, it booted into the the Ubuntu 11.10 image without any problems. (I’ll have to create another 12.04 SDcard and try it next)

So there seems to be a problem with the A3 version of the BeagleBone and the serial driver/console. Is there anything I can do to help someone figure this issue out? I’m going to try powering it attached to a couple different computers now and see if it is all or just the Ubuntu desktop I was using.

And thank you to everybody for the help. It never occurred to me that booting with the USB cable attached would be a problem.