[beagleboard] BeagleBoard not booting


Does anybody have steps to get S-Video output working on the newer kernels. I have seen a few things about it on here, but not much specifically in the way of some steps to take. It seems like a lot of the stuff on the wiki, like LinuxHints have a lot of tricks for use with the older kernels, but nothing that works on the new ones.

If you're using angstrom:

opkg update && opkg install omap-dss-doc
vi /boot/DSS



I don’t have a network card for my beagle yet, so I take it the only way to do that then, would be to download the package, put it on the SD card, and install it from that? Where can I get that package, and how do I install it from the SD card?

I downloaded that package, installed it, and read the file at /boot/DSS

I followed the examped entitled “Example: Clone GFX overlay to LCD and TV”, and it had no effect. Is that example the one to follow?