[beagleboard] Beagleboard REV D

Well, your one of the first users with the newer revision, based on
what I've read, It should operate exactly like the Rev C5..

Based on page 15:


It's just a newer revision of the omap3530 core..


Robert is correct.

Refer to the following Link:


I will work to try and get Circuitco straightened out on the full documentation that they are missing. Hopefully it will show up sometime.


one of the maddening things about ordering from digikey here in
canada is that they're annoyingly vague about revisions on their
product pages:


notice there's no mention of the rev.

  it's worse for the beaglebone:


no mention of the rev, and the last time i checked a while back, they
were still shipping their remaining A5s.


I know. That is ultimately Circuitco’s responsibility to keep them in line. Circuitco does a good job cleaning up in most cases, but the issue is that a cleanup is needed in the first place.


Thank you Robert and and thank you Gerald for your replies. I thought that there were some incompatibilities with u-boot for C4(C5) when booting on D, and the reason why I thought so, were constant warnings about bad memory blocks on NAND, but I realized later (thanks again to this group) that it shouldn’t making any trouble. EHCI isn’t working also, but that may be because of bad USB HUB. Right now I am going to go and buy a new one…


петак, 23. новембар 2012. 18.09.53 UTC+1, Gerald је написао/ла:

Well, new USB HUB didn’t solve my problems… Actually, buying new BB didn’t solve my problems either. When I boot my BB with demo Angstrom I am able to use my EHCI port only to read USB stick. When I try to attach high-speed USB HUB and then to connect my USB stick it simple disconnects entire USB HUB. When I try the same thing with my custom build Angstrom I have the same problem. USB stick works, but when I try connecting USB HUB I get errors regarding timers or clocks.

Here is the part of dmesg regarding that issue:

[ 0.409667] Switching to clocksource 32k_counter
[ 0.481964] usbhs_omap usbhs_omap: xclk60mhsp1_ck set parentfailed error:-22
[ 0.481994] usbhs_omap usbhs_omap: xclk60mhsp2_ck set parentfailed error:-22

I didn’t have these kind of problems earlier with my BB REV C4. But I accidentally burned it with high voltage and from than, I just can not return to the stage when everything worked. Even by buying a new BB (rev D).

What could be the problem?

понедељак, 26. новембар 2012. 10.38.38 UTC+1, Krcevina је написао/ла:

I've traced the above before, they are just noisy warnings safe to ignore..

Can you please pastebin.com your full serial bootlog for reference
(i'm kinda interested to see if the kernel is correctly identifying it
as the C4)? BTW, when you plug the usb hub into another pc, via
"lsusb" is it a true usb 2.0 hub?


Here is the link to the bootlog you have asked http://pastebin.com/e6UHSVB2

By the way, I managed to get my new USB HUB to work. Okay, kinda…

When I connect USB stick and my HD UVC WEB USB camera to the USB HUB which I connect then before I boot my BB, then, when I boot it, now everything works. I can take pictures, see the content of the USB stick etc… But when I than remove, lets say USB stick I get the following:

root@beagleboard:/# [ 679.284332] usb 1-2.3: USB disconnect, device number 3
[ 681.978851] ehci-omap ehci-omap.0: init_60m_fclk set parentfailed error:-16
[ 681.986175] ehci-omap ehci-omap.0: init_60m_fclk set parentfailed error:-16
[ 681.994415] ehci-omap ehci-omap.0: xclk60mhsp1_ck set parentfailed error:-16
[ 682.001800] ehci-omap ehci-omap.0: xclk60mhsp2_ck set parentfailed error:-16

If I try then to put it back, nothing happens. I also can’t take anymore pictures from my camera.

P.S. The bootlog and everything is in case of my custom Angstorm…

понедељак, 26. новембар 2012. 14.49.52 UTC+1, RobertCNelson је написао/ла: