[beagleboard] beaglebone black need help with PCM bus

Hi John, could you educate me on how to do this. please, perty please with sugar on top

This is not a trivial exercise as Texas Instruments have chosen not to have a separate driver for the McASP. Instead it is integrated into the sound subsystem (ALSA). As far as I know there is no example on how to use the McASP so the best you can do is review how audio is implemented on the BBB. Start by reviewing the alsa-project.org website to understand the ALSA terminology and then look through the following files:


If you can understand the code in these files, you are off to a good start. I have not listed any of the files related to the core sound files nor any of the memory management, timers, etc as these will only serve to confuse you more. You might want to ask TI on their E2E forums to see if they have a simpler way to tackle this task.