[beagleboard] BeagleBone Black opencv windowing problem

Sounds like the display has an overscan issue. Can you disable overscan or find and option to “Fit to Window”.


All right I have a ‘terrible’ but usable work around for the moment in getting opencv to wok on BBB. It seems I cannot even get a hello world example to work right with gtk-2.0 and Angstrom on the BBB. So until I figure that out, I switched over to archlinux, installed xorg and opencv and it seems to be running as expected now. Here is a video of the camshiftdemo running and tracking an object. I also tested most of the examples and input keys, mouse clicks, etc and they were working as expected. Note to get it working with the logitech c310 camera I had to pass these arguments to opencv (just choose a valid resolution)

cap.set(CV_CAP_PROP_FRAME_WIDTH, 352);


Okay, I have a work around for opencv on BBB for Angstrom. It should work with previous versions but I have only tested the latest 5/20 image that has kernel 3.8.13. Basically, do not use gdm and instead us xcfe. The only odd thing is getting xcfe installed.

  1. Install lxdm

opkg install lxdm

  1. Disable gdm

systemctl disable gdm.service

  1. Enable lxdm

systemctl enable lxdm

  1. install xcfe

opkg install packagegroup-xfce-base

  1. reboot and then when you get the login screen in the lower left make sure you select en for language and xfce for desktop otherwise it just brings you back to the login prompt - you should not know how long it took me to figure that one out…

  2. for video capture you still need the correct frame width/height as posted before

oh and xfce seems way better than the gdm anyway :slight_smile: