[beagleboard] BeagleBone Black web server

Apache on arm is not a too good option try lighthttpd ?

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I flashed Debian to the eMMC and it seems to be working fine. My plan is to host a small web page using Apache. I installed Apache and using the IP address the BeagleBone 101 loads fine from outside my network.

So, my question is, in what directory do I save my index.html file in order to see it as the default page served by Apache? There are no files in the /var/www/ directory so I am confused. On my Linux Mint (Debian edition) all I had to do was save my index file in the www directory.

Anyone know where I am going wrong?


darkhttpd and nginx are also good alternatives as well as a few others.

Apache on arm is not a too good option try lighthttpd ?

Really ? Care to enlighten us as to why Apache on ARM is no good ?

Apache on arm is not a too good option try lighthttpd ?

I haven’t used Apache much, but my understanding is that Apache uses a thread per connection which sucks up resources pretty quickly and doesn’t scale very well. This is the reason why Node.js is preferred because it is single threaded and uses asynchronous I/O so it scales so much better. Given the limited resources on the BBB, Node.js is able to support >100x connections compared to Apache. I don’t know much about Lighthttpd.


That does not answer why Apache is no good for “ARM”. To be perfectly frank. The original statement was subjective at best. Apache may not be the best choice for the Beaglebone, but if Apache works fine for the user using it. There is nothing wrong with it.

Personally, I prefer Node.js to any of the other offerings, but the OP did not ask which was the best web server option. He / She asked where the www root should be for Apache using Debian on the Beaglebone black( or something to that effect ).

Use Default Apache Benchmark within Ubuntu 12.04 on PC

See attatch test log file

In static page case , Apache never wins,as I know

apacheVSlighttpd2000.txt (2.25 KB)

apacheVSlighttp_1000.log (3.28 KB)

Machine info.txt (2.38 KB)

And, I bet Node.js will “smoke” them both. Which still has nothing to do with the OP’s question.

Node.js is far better than Apache, ok Apache and other web-servers are a bit easier to implement a web-server out of the box, but node.js is so much faster and using the same language on the server and client makes life easier. It’s worth sticking with node.js.