[beagleboard] [BeagleBone] is it possible to connect a LCD without an I2C EEPROM?

Electrically, yes. But it complicates the SW. Not sure what advantage you are gaining by leaving it off.


Hi Gerald,
the advantage for me is to prepare a cape that have only electrical connection between the board and the LCD,
without having to put the EEPROM and above all without having to program many many many of it…

I have only one cape on the board, to connect the LCD, then I don’t need that it coexists with other cape.

The other solution is that the board program the empty EEPROM at first boot, but I have not managed to read/write on I2C in userspace.


if you intend to use your cape with default SW stack from CircuitCo than you better add a cheap EEPROM like the one from the Beaglebone. If you are gonna hack all SW then I don’t get why you ask such question. I suppose u-boot just reads the EEPROM and sets necessary environment variables. You can set those variables manually

2012/10/31 gigigui <gigigui@gmail.com>

I’m asking only if anyone has tried to modify the kernel module to ensure that the framebuffer is loaded in the absence of the EEPROM.

I will try to write the information in the EEPROM with u-boot before the kernel is loaded.


You can stack up to three capes under the LCD. If you plan to sell it, as long as you forbid people from using it with other capes, you should be OK, But I suspect it could limit your sales. If it is for your own personal use, then you should be OK. Programming the EEPROM is actually pretty easy.