BeagleBoard begginer- Rev C4 USB did not work

Hi all i have a problem with my Beagleboard, iam beginner with BB so
be patient please. With wiki pages i successfully installed Angstorm
on SD card and boot up into screen with Login and onscreen keyboard
but my mouse conected in USB port next to SDcard didn't work but it
seems to be powered. PS sorry for my bad English

You must connect a powered HUB between the keyboard and the USB connector. The USB port is HI Speed only and will not support low speed devices such as keyboards and mice.


Hello Keine Lust,

by your nickname, I guess that you live somewhere in the same region
as I do. So, you would probably not have problems to buy the same
devices as I have been using. I have a Digitus DA-70125 4 port USB hub
which is connected to the OTG connector (page 42 of the BeagleBoard
System Reference Manual, Rev. C4) of beagle board. If you can not buy
the same hubs with OTG connectors, there are adaptors for 1 Euro like
the following:

Best regards,