Beagleboard Black standard / Industry temperature range

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I use to need Beagle board black industry version for the purpose of industrial field appliance.
Following recent stock unavailability two options remain : place a heater in the box and use the BB black standard or check and stretch limits of the BB black without heater.

Thus I’m not sure appart from the high temperature range which we don’t need (max 40°C is ok), if the BB black standard will work under negative temperature (min -20°C), and what are the consequences.

I note BBB standard goes to 0°C minimum and understand a handful parts are different including the crystal.

For -20 / +40°C, would the BBB standard work ? Does it drift clock, or are there risks that it won’t start or can be damaged ?

If someone can let us know what’s the limitations of BB below 0°C this would help.

At the moment I get two options : purchase the industry and wait for it, meanwhile purchase the standard board and place heaters, which add a bit complexity that we can avoid if the only issue would be out of spec CPU frequency, for non time critical application it can be accepted.


Jean-François Simon


Seth here.

That is the SRM for the BBB.

I think checking each component on the board will prove valuable for your destination appliance.

For regards to the am335x and other components, I think checking the datasheets for each of these components will make sure your appliance does not damage or alter the state of the am335x and other components to the point that they melt, act in a unintended way, and/or freeze to a standstill.

There are a lot of different parts to the BBB.


P.S. If you need help w/ specific components on the BBB, the Open Hardware design is listed online at github.

Thank you Seth

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Hello @jfsimon ,

Seth here. I have been doing more research, just now, and I cannot find the exact specifications for the lowest or highest temperatures that the BBB can handle. It used to be available but with changes to the board itself, I am sure things have changed in time.


P.S. I found the older model of the SRM again but I have yet to figure out where exactly the temp. ratings are located:

Also, I looked to seeedstudio, mouser, and digikey. Mouser used to have a general conception of what these values were years back but not today. So, I think it does boil down to users looking up each, individual part.

Good morning,

The board will be installed in field with -20°C to +50°C maximum specified limits, at the moment i use the industry board.

I expect the standard board has frequency or other parameters out of spec below 0°C though not sure if that’s critical and prevent operation or not.

Main issue is the delivery of components, the industry was mostly unavailable recently, but worse case I use the standard board anyway and test it thoroughly and provide a heater into the box, that’s the plan if shortage continues …