Beagleboard Blue not connecting through USB/Wifi on Ubuntu 20.04

Hi I am following this guide to setup Beagleboard Blue on Ubuntu 20.04. (

I had purchased BBB 4 years back but haven’t used it much since then. It was kept dust proof all this time.

While setting it up now, after connecting USB to Ubuntu20.04 laptop, LEDs blink in a pattern and then flashing stops and there is a solid light on LED output 0. Same happens when I put a new flashed SD card, only difference being the LEDs flashing pattern which repeats from 0-1-2-3 continously for atleast 5 minutes. Sometimes after this Beagleboard folder also pops up with folders such scripts, drivers etc. But as soon as I start navigating it, it gets disconnecting.

In network and Wifi tab I don’t see anything new, there’s no BBB WIFI or network connection.

Pinging or fails.

Can someone guide me how to troubleshoot this. First priority is to check if my board is fine and there is some glitch in the way I am operating. It will be great if this works, I want to make a stable quadrotor using it.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: