[beagleboard] boot configurations

I asked a friend at Kiel/ARM who provided me a 72 hr access link to grab the 105 Meg File
I was told ARM was releasing a new version Friday and fixing the links they have not
I am willing to share it but I would need to host it on a friends ftp site
If interested reply. I think you know this image is for debugging linux apps using ARM’s DS-5 there is no source and you must grab DS-5 90 day eval from ARM site to debug
Actually I have the script referenced below I can email you directly

I did not try this script and it goes without saying be careful using script

I did very quickly have gdb over ethernet debugging and ssh into BB from Eclipse IDE

Sorry to waste space so you dont think I am lying about zip file link expire

Mark I tracked down that file you were asking about. You can download it here:

Note that this link is valid for 72.0 hours (until 10/1/2010 9:03:05 AM).

— On Sat, 10/2/10, Vladimir Pantelic vladoman@gmail.com wrote:

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> Subject: Re: [beagleboard] boot configurations
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> On 10/02/2010 11:18 PM, Mark Lazarewicz wrote:
> > Hi Richard
> >
> > Never heard back from you I gave up on trying to follow these Angstrom
> > Instructions
> >
> > Not sure what your end goal is ?
> >
> > I loaded an image very quickly following these instructions below but I
> > had to ask they fix the links to downlaod the zip files
> and the proper download link is?
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make-ds-5-bb-sd-card.sh (19 KB)