BeagleBoard boot issues.

I am a fairly experienced developer. Just not in Linux. However, I can read and follow directions. I found an old BeagleBoard where I work and I want to try some things out on it. First of all, it didn’t boot. I found this: .

I got the OS image (Angstrom) that shipped for the Rev (C4) of the board I have. I followed the directions to create a bootable SD card (16 GB). It does boot now, if I hold the user btn for 10 sec on power up (USB OTG). The instructions say then, to remove the SD card and
restart the beagleboard. Doing this results in all LED’s on and an orange screen. Nothing else. Does this version have on board memory, or does it only boot from the card? Any hints, links, or tips?

Looking at the schematic for the Rev (C4) if that is the board you have then no there is not an on board eMMC. So you will need to stick with the bootable SD Angstrom image and not the eMMC flasher image.