[beagleboard] Booting from SD card and not eMMC

You could ground the boot pin on the expansion connector until SYS_RESET goes hi.
You could delete the MLO file from the eMMC.
You could erase the eMMC.


I am booting debian on the SD card
if i take out the SD it boots to eMMC
modify the /uEnv/./txt file to say to boot to the SD card/


similar to this ^^^

Have you read this page?



OK. Got it. There is no Angstrom image available that you can load that just boots from the SD card.


Try this one. Download is slow and it is not supported. I have no idea if it works or not.



I have not yet tried it either.

Just delete the MLO file. And it will not be able to boot. No need to “erase” it.

There is another thread going on at the same time with the same topic.Try searching the list for that one or about a dozen others that have taken place over the past month for other options.


Hi Gerald…
I deleted the MLO file & I booted from the SD card loaded with Angstrom Image… It is working fine…But now what should I do if want to boot from the eMMC storage…
If i remove the SD card & if connect the SD card… now BBB is not connecting & its not showing anything on my computer… Previously before deleting that MLO file… i used to connect the board to computer using USB without my SD card on BBB…

what should I do???

Any help much aprreciated…
Thanks & Regards!!!

Well why not go here.




hello gerald!!!
good to hear from you!!!
do u mean me to write another image to the eMMC storage???

is it possible even if the board is not responding i.e., if i remove the sd card, except the power led remaining all leds were in off state… so is it possible in that state to write another boot image to the BBB??

If possible pls refer me the link where i can get the steps for booting…

i referred previously this link…


thanks & regards



There is BeagleBoard.org Debian Image 2015-11-12 preloaded on my BBB eMMC and there is no any MLO file. How could I disable booting from eMMC?