[beagleboard] BRD.TXT PAD.TXT SYM.TXT RTE.TXT - How to import these files to Allegro?

Import them into what?


Sorry! I’m using Cadence PCB Editor. The .brd file opens fine, but I’d like to take a look at the symbols and padstacks.


Here is the link to the Allegro free viewer. I have no idea how to get it into Cadence.



I think Cadence bought Allegro and incorporated it into the PCB Editor. If I figure it out, I’ll let everyone know.

Thanks for your help Gerald!

all of geralds files open up fine in orcad and allegro
gerald it truly a master at allegro layout

When I open the Schematic in Orcad Capture, all of the footprints are attached but I can’t view them; I’d like to view the footprints and padstacks.

It does look like a masterful design, I’d like to learn more about it to improve my own skill.

you would need to export them using allegro
from the brd file
the footprints are not in capture

library - select all
make sure you choose an empty directory
some flash symbols will not export for some reason
so if you use the footprints you will need to create them

I got it -
Open the *.brd file
Go to File → Export → Libraries
Select a folder, and what you want
Execute this

This will give you the *.dra, *.psm, etc files you need to view the (excellent) padstacks and footprints.

Hooray success!

Thanks all!