[beagleboard] Custom Beaglbone Black from Circuitco

Good grief! your last two lines explain everything! It's obvious you
haven't a clue how PCB manufacturing works and seem determined to make the
system fit your world view.

Your 100 board run does not even come close to their minimum order quantity
requirements! Yes, they are avoiding you! You don't meet requirements!
You seem to be unable to grasp the concept that your requirement is too
small for their requirements, hence now you've become a pest and a
nuisance! They can't help you and don't want to be bothered by you anymore!

There are many, many other board shops out there! Do your homework, Google
can help, Nuts and Volts magazine/website can help.

The hobby oriented board shops consider this a very complex design, which
it is and many will not take it. The ones that will take it are going to
charge a lot. Many will only do 4 layer boards and won't touch BBB. Then
you have to worry about testing. Many won't test for you and the ones that
will are going to charge a lot to setup a test plan. Do you even know how
to specify what you want tested? You can't just say that you want a
"functional board." It doesn't work that way.

This is the realities of PCB manufacturing. Are you really ready for the
big time?


sixvolts, you got your answer a week ago. Now you’re trolling.