beagleboard damaged

hi all
i have booted both android and angstrom linux on BB-xm and after measuring some
voltages on the expansion header i found that BB stopped working
it is not at all rebooting after resetting… now whenever i power it only D5 and D14 leds are glowing…
i doubt that i exposed expansion header to the higher voltage level…
is there any way to recover the damage ?
what are the procedures
kindly help

Well, not knowing what the damage is, I hesitate to tell you what to do to fix it. Best bet would be to:

  1. Request an RMA
  2. Make sure the SD card was nor corrupted and try to recover it
  3. Hook up a terminal and see what is being printed out as a method of diagnosing the issue.


hi gerald

i thought of RMA but it is applicable only within 90 days of purchase
i have been using this board for almost 1yr
when i supply power it is not emitting anything on minicom not even the number 60 60

Well, unless you can fix it. If it is damaged then it is damaged and the only way to get if fixed is to send it in for repair. Depending on what is fund, in most cases, we repair it for free. If the damage is to some of the expensive parts, then there could be a charge. But, you can decide if you want to fix it at that point or not.


hi thanku
wats the procedure to send it for repair… ?