[beagleboard] Debug problem "No source available for"

Hello, i’m trying to launch debugging on my beaglebone, but i have some problems
all information about this i took from this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFv_-ykLppo
but, when i start to debug my code like in video, i have a warning message instead my code (on the picture)

can someone help me with it?

Your code is producing a segfault. The address pointed to isn’t part of your application itself—you’ve already gone past where your application screwed up—which is why you aren’t seeing the symbols loaded.

Try single stepping your code and looking at all of the variables to see if contain values that you’d expect. Pay special attention to any pointers you have and if they’ve been initialized to something useful.

but this error occur instantly when i start debug.
it’s occur on ubuntu and debian, but not on the angstrom OS.