BeagleBoard/DSP Howto - Helps are needed



I had to take down the link due to request from TI. Apparently it contained
the DSP firmware which were not re-distributable. I am involved some other
work these days. Please give couple of days time to upload the root file
system without the TI proprietary DSP firmwares.

Who contacted you?


It was me.

The thing is the evaluation firmware for DSP Bridge / OpenMAX cannot
be redistributed without the installer. We thanked Jesslyn for the
effort and requested some time while we figure a way to freely
distribute those sample binaries just like that.

Just to be clear, it's more than OK to redistribute the installer, but
the binaries within (i.e. *.dll64P, baseimage.dof, etc.) cannot be

Thanks and greetings!

Daniel Díaz

Yes, that was my understanding, but I thought the same situation
applies for the dsp-link binaries which apparently are distributed in
Angstrom images.

    Maybe these question looks like silly, however , forgive me please since I know little about DSP. 
Especially, how it help ARM core to process the heavy things about media decoding/coding, or other heavy stuff things. 

    I followed this link [](
to setup the Beagle/DSP. But I encounter with some issues.

In the README.txt, it wrote:

- The DVSDK for the platform is installed on the Linux host.  DVSDK versions
  earlier than 1.30 are not supported.

--------->>Can anyone show me the download url of the right DVSDK for using?

what's this DVSDK for? Does it include arm cross compiler or DSP cross compiler?

- The DVSDK is configured to use the Linux kernel provided by the LSP package
  associated with the DVSDK being used.
- DMAI 1.16 or later is installed on the Linux host for DaVinci targets.

  DMAI 1.20 or later is required for OMAP35xx targets.  This DMAI version is
  included with DVSDK 3.00.
---------->> where can I download the DMAI? if it's include in the DVSDK3.00, I'd prefer to download DVSDK3.00,

and where can I get that?

Is there anyone who had followed this WiKi to enable Beagle/DSP, please do me a favor.

with highly appreciated!



I've created a console image with the corresponding uImage kernel:

You just need to put the DSP binaries on /lib/dsp from tiopenmax[1]
and you are ready to roll.

It cannot get any easier than that.


Hello Felipe,

Thanks for following up this thread.

I already got ping.out working with Jesslyn's package. I replied to
this thread with the procedures I did on April 2nd, but the reply
hasn't shown up. It may be because I modified the subject.

Thanks to the helps from all the people, specially to Jesslyn and you.
I stepped out my first step. The next step is to compile my DSP
appliactions. I believe I will come back soon with questions.

Thank you again.

Best regards,


My SD card stops working maybe due to too many re-writes. I need to
get a new SD card. So I will update later, sorry.

Thats why I recommended root file system on NFS.