[beagleboard] dynamixel communication

you might want to try the usb2ax to talk with the Dynamixel motors - it is small and works great and you can leverage other people’s python code


Hi guys, thanks for the feedback. I've already configured the servo for 500 Kbaud using the uart from an avr. Also, I'd prefer not to use the dynamixel usb controller, because I would have to add a USB hub and all that ( I plan to connect a webcam later).

Maybe the dynamixel isn't receivin the signal and I should check the level converter. Any recomendations on equipment for doing that? Is the level converter useful for such baud rate?

You might want to modify your code to check what is returned by the servo. It will let you know hard to figure out things like a bad checksum on your write packet. This will also let you know that the packets are received by the servo. You may also find using the PING instruction easier for troubleshooting possible connection issues.

We usually use an oscilloscope to check the signals to the AX-12.

Also a cap on the power rails to AX-12

Thanks for the replies! I've checked the signal with an oscillosocope but can't understand if the pulses that appear are correct. I think I need a logic analyzer. I'll test this thing again on the weekend with the ping instruction and check for the returned packet. I'll post the results asap.