beagleboard eu?


Is there a way to buy the beagleboard nowadays? I’ve looked over through your resellers but is teems they’re nowhere in stock?


DigiKey receives 200 boards a week. Ignore the quantity in stock number. Place your order and become one of the 200 to get your boards. You should see your board shipped in 1-2 weeks. The other distributor’s orders should be coming on line soon.


Yes, Agree with Gerald.

When I first placed the order on 12th of Jan, the lead time shown is
23rd March. Today I have already received the shipped notification and
its on the way to reach me.

Go ahead and place your order. You will get it in 2-3 weeks.

Thanks and Regards

This is just to update that IDA Systems has Beagle Board XM Rev B in stock. If ordered now one should receive the board within 5 working days. Currently we are shipping within india only because of our limited stock.


Is there any way to buy the board directly from shop on US....
Please send me the details...if any one knows... its urgent for me

Buy it from DigiKey.
Ignore the 0 stock indicator.
They get 200 boards a week.
200 people follow my advise every week.
200 people get boards every week.


Lol, that’s alot of replys. You should post that on the front page news. I just ordered another one and it was less than a week :stuck_out_tongue:

Our production levels are actually the highest they have ever been and we still can’t keep up. We are in the process of bringing on additional sub contractors and increasing our test capacity. It will take a little while to see the results from that and hopefully our component suppliers can keep up with us. It only takes one part to slow us down.


What about mouser electronics... can i order through them? because i
dont know i will become one of the 200 for this week... plz tell...

Yes, you can order them from Mouser. But it is anyone’s guess as to how fast the stock will go. They received a shipment earlier this month.


I ordered Rev C4 board and i want to know whether u r manufacturing
XMs only or Rev C4 also??? please tell Gerald..


We are building both.


thanks for ur info