BeagleBoard, G540, Linux CNC

Wanting to replace my dead CNC computer with a beagleboard. I have a G540 controller. Everyone says to connect it to the beaglebone but I see no tutorial anywhere on pinning up a db25 connector to the board. This seems so simple… lol. Can anyone point me in the correct direction?

Replicape maybe?

I have one that I’m about to install for 3D Printing. Using PRUS controls. All opensource as well.

Thanks I’ll take a look. I figured i could just solder some wires from output pins to a db25 connector. I’ve found more advanced users setups but it never explains how they connected the g540 to the beaglebone.

Hmm looks like that replaces the G540. More looking for a BBB to DB25 wiring diagram.

The BBB has pretty sensitive I/O pins without much drive (most pins
are spec'd for 3 mA max). I'd recommend at least a simple buffer
(like an 'HCT244/245) on the output lines, and something on the inputs
to insure they *NEVER* go over 3.3V (or you will destroy your BBB).

As for pinout, there's no real standard. For most signals (step,
direction, enable, endstops, etc) it doesn't really matter which pins
you use. There are several example configurations for Machinekit
which use the pinouts listed in this pinmux.ods spreadsheet:

...but you can move things around by editing the HAL file.

I'm not sure what the LinuxCNC folks have for examples or standards,
but I do hear they can run on the BeagleBone these days.