[beagleboard] GCC Compiler Issues

SO quick question. Why do you feel the need to “install” a compiler ? The reason I ask is simple.

For a single user, you could just wget a toolchain, and run it as that normal user However, I have no idea which compiler you would need for your system, but IMHO this is the best way to install / use a toolchain.

Just my two cents.

Install these packages:

opkg update
opkg install binutils binutils-symlinks cpp cpp-symlinks coreutils gcc gcc-symlinks libc6-dev make g++ g++-symlinks libstdc++-dev libstdc++6

That should give you a complete target development system (command line) on your xM
This works for me.

Yeah, these packages should work for purposes of getting a gcc toolchain running on the board itself.

I'm not convinced that running a compiler is a good metric of power consumption. Why not research the subject of measuring power consumption on small devices? Google on "beagleboard power consumption measurement" to start getting an idea of good methods for such measurements and the math behind them. Also, someone at Sparkfun did an exercise in determining how to reduce consumption on one of their products to the minimum realistic value. The article is a really good read and although it does not involve the BeagleBone Black of BeagleBoard products, it is well worth the reading.

Bob Cochran

I know of no such FAQ’s or tutorials etc, but they may exist. I also do not use Angstrom, and I cross compile my apps. Maybe someone like Koen will pipe up and say something ?

@Bob, perhaps he is writing an application to load the system at various percentages ? From where he could then use external tools to view power usage ?

pas-whp, although another question why are you compiling on the bbb ? lol yeah i know many questions here but cross compiling may be the better option.