[beagleboard] GPIO input not working

Do any of the other pins work with this method?

From BeagleBone's manual :

*6.3.7 A/D Converters*

Seven 100K sample per second A to D converters are available on the expansion header.

*NOTE: Maximum voltage is 1.8V. Do not exceed this voltage. Voltage dividers
should be used for voltages higher than 1.8V.*

In order to use these signals, level shifters will be required. These signals connect direct
to the processor and care should be taken not to exceed this voltage.

Al 20/08/12 14:47, En/na Jack Mitchell ha escrit:

Hi Mitchell,
No, I tried with pins 38, 39 and 49 but none of them working

Hi Jordi,
Ya you are right for Analog input, but other GPIO operates with 3.3v.

Can you try with an already muxed pin on a different chip bank (not sure if you are referring to GPIO pin numbers, or expansion header pins above...)

Have a go with Pin 42 on the P9 Expansion header

echo 7 > /sys/class/gpio/export

echo in > /sys/class/gpio/gpio7/direction

cat /sys/class/gpio/gpio7/value