[beagleboard-gsoc] BeagleBone GSOC Proposal

Hi everybody,

This is Víctor Mayoral Vilches, I'm finishing this year a double degree in Electrical Engineering and also in Computer Science. I'm quite familiar with the BeagleBone and i've been using it for my thesis through all this year.

I've got some experience on embedded systems and lately i've also been fighting with the Linux kernel quite a bit.
I finished the qualification test https://github.com/vmayoral/gsoc-application and checked the ideas that have been propose at http://elinux.org/BeagleBoard/GSoC/Ideas#Students_looking_for_ideas.

Initially i had a couple of suggestion but i tried on #beagle and the comments were not so positive about the first one. Here they are:
  • Create schematics, pcb, libraries, footprints for Altium Designer. Basically port all the BeagleBone design to Altium (natively). It's been something that i'd love to have in the past and also something that the community is requesting quite often on the Google Groups. I would also be open to suggestions regarding this issue.

I don't think that fits with in the summer of code guidelines, it's too much like a dcoumentation task.

  • I'm really interested in the Robot Operative System (ROS) and i've been using for quite a bit in my desktop computer. I'm aware there're some tutorials up there to put it on the beagle but i haven't tried them out and they refer to old ROS versions. My second suggestion is about working on the ROS integration in the Beagle. Set up an easy installation process, test what's available and what's not, integration of capes, etc.

This one however would fit in very well! There is already some work being done on that by BMW: https://github.com/bmwcarit/meta-ros , but that's still non-working. But it's the path where I'd recommend to start.

  • My third suggestion is about making an infrared cape. Basically a range finder cape that could be used in robotics.
Any comments are welcome.

Again, not sure if google will allow that, since it's not really code related.




Thanks for your answer! I was not aware of meta-ros but it looks really interesting.

I’ll dig a bit more into it. Working in ROS would definitely be exciting.



Hi everybody,

I’d like to get feedback about my idea for the GSOC. In in nutshell i’d like to work in the integration of ROS and the BeagleBone.

What do you guys think about it? Anybody will find it useful?

Personally i think it could be a great starting point for robotic projects. It could fasten the design process and make use of the active communities of both ROS and BeagleBoard. I recently started a project including this two technologies and i missed a link between them. That’s basically why i came with this proposal.

Any comment will be greatly appreciated.