[beagleboard-gsoc] Beaglepilot

Hello all,

I am saurabh shandilya, a final year undergrad. I have been working with
Embedded Linux for almost an year now. My past experiences include 3 other
boards which I designed based on Atmel AVR and ARM Cortex-M3 based
controller and daughter boards. I have used RaspberryPi and Beaglebone
Black for quite a few automation projects in Industries. I have in depth
knowledge of linux system internals and device drivers.

My works can be seen here :

Youtube Channel :

My Quadcopter based on APM board :

I have already been working with quadcopters for past few months now and
was designing APM board based on Atmega128 only. I find this opportunity to
work into beaglepilot this gsoc year very big and would like to work with
the community to develop it.
I have quite a decent knowledge in RC and PPM/PWM signals too. Thus I would
like to get some guidance about the proposal to be submitted as the ideas
given at the draft proposal are divided into workpacks and I didn't get it
for a while.
I would really love to be a part of the community and if possible contribute
to as per my knolwedge and experience in this domain.

Waiting for your words and guidance.

There is quite a bit of discussion regarding BeaglePilot already on
this list. I recommend you get caught-up with the current proposals.

I know there is already some bonding between students breaking things
into workpacks, but that doesn't mean the mentors will pick the
proposals as they are being proposed. Some students/proposals might be
accepted whereas others might not, especially considering a limited
number of project openings coming from Google that are out of our
control. We may also be limited by our number of mentors and my desire
to keep a ratio of multiple mentors per student to ensure students are
getting sufficient support.

Getting connected with potential mentors such that it is clear you can
work well with them is of utmost importance. Mentors need to be
convinced you know how to break down the task and execute it, as well
as that your specific contributions would be of high value to the