[beagleboard-gsoc] Example Jobs for a Beagleboard cluster, Google summer of code 2010

Hello developers and mentors,

Here are some example jobs that could be implemented as a part of the
project "Create a Micro Powered Erlang based cluster" for Google
summer of Code 2010.

1. Gene Matching / Motif finding, We might try parallelizing the gene
matching problem in Bio Informatics using our cluster.

2. Dynamic Data visualization like Zoomable Heatmaps.
Input : population density in various areas of a Geographical Map.
Output : A heatmap overlayed over the Geographical map, which we can
zoom in and out and render the intermediate maps on the fly.

3. Document analysis / Text mining
Finding words/phrases with higher frequency than others in a document.

4. parallel Merge Sort.
We can also have a dynamic version of the same with data coming in

5. Image processing
    > Edge Detection
    > Blur etc.

6. Dynamic video processing
On the fly video processing, things like
   > Alpha blending
   > Object detection
   > color enhancement etc can be done in realtime.

These are some real world examples that I though could be implemented
within the timeframe and would use the MapReduce framework.

Besides, I am also thinking on the lines where a cluster of
BeagleBoards could actually be used because of its portability and low
power footprint, the major applications deal with Aircrafts and
autonomous vehicles and would be in the area of on the fly video
processing(object detection etc).

Please provide your comments.

Ashish Shubham

I think the mobility aspect of a beagleboard cluster is a very
interesting one. In this respect the jobs which work with visual data
(image and video processing) would be most interesting.

Are you suggesting to implement all of the 6 main tasks as part of
your project? Tasks 1, 3 and 4 would certainly be nice to show but
lack the use of all of the beagleboard's processing power.

I intend to implement the tasks related to image and video processing for sure. They may also be useful for terrain mapping by the military.

I proposed gene matching/motif finding to show beagleboards use in BioInformatics, It might be easier to set up mobile labs. Tasks 3 and 4 are basic parallel computation tasks, we may omit them as we would be using the same for other tasks.