[beagleboard-gsoc] GSoC 2013 Student Prospect


My name is Jonathan Velez, Im currently a student at Florida International University, I'm majoring in Computer Engineering specializing in embedded systems, electronics, and networking. I have a solid understanding of the C/C++ fundamentals and I'd like to expand my experience by working on the GSoC BeagleBoard team. Most of my time spent with micro-controllers has been with the Arduino, but I am very flexible and eager to learn other development environments.
Initially, I thought the contest involved creating a Make like project, my idea was to create a photo booth with the BeagleBoard and Arduino. The BeagleBoard would be the controlling system while the Arduino would be used to read RFID cards that identified the users thus making the whole photo booth experience more personal.

That project can still be done by interfacing something like http://www.adafruit.com/products/364 and use the existing pn544/i2c or pc533/usb drivers to talk to it in linux without the arduino.

Since this year the idea list doesn't involve creating a Make like project I'd like to be considered in helping develop secondary processor support,

The PRUSS would be good to work on, but it needs a leading project to give it directions like using the PRU as a logic analyzer or rgb overlay.