[beagleboard] Hash rate

Don’t know exactly how fast it would be, but the BeagleBones have a PRU,

which has two processors, so effectively you have three processors, two

of which (the PRUs) are RISC processors. They only have limited memory

and are really designed for IO processing, but they might be usable.

The original BeagleBoard chips have a DSP built in, which might be


The only real way to find out is to read the TRMs for the chips, and

then try it.

Connecting two(or more) together might help, but you would have to work

out the rate at which you would need to transfer date between them and

see where your bottlenecks would be.


you would likely not end up transferring any data between units, instead each would work on it’s own block, thus 2 units being exactly 2x as fast, 3 - 3x, ad infintium. guessing this is not an application where the pru would help much. Use an fpga board, they’ll most likely be under 100 usd.