BeagleBoard Home Security System

Hello BeagleBoard community/potential mentors,

Currently I am a 3 yr student majoring in Software Engineering at
Carleton University Ontario, Canada. I have extensive experience with
embedded systems (esp. HC11) and real-time systems programming with
Xenomai RTOS.
It would be an honour to work with the BeagleBoard community during
the GSoC term.

I would like to propose a project based on a home security system.
the small form-factor, low power requirements and powerful processor
the BeagleBoard allows for a robust control center of sensors and

In general the system will monitor and process data from the cameras
and sensors alerting the occupants of the residence if anything is
To take advantage of the LCD expansion, a touch screen can be
included. Because of the holistic nature of the board, wireless
modules can be added for interconnectivity inside the house. The
touchscreen can interface to Ångström or QNX Neutrino. This would help
with interaction for elderly or younger children to access the system
in case of emergency.

If an event is triggered on the sensors/cameras an option to send SMS/
call to the designated occupant(s) and authorities is available. Given
there is currently a project (Wild Ducks) which uses the BeagleBoard
to interface with GSM - this could be tailored to suit the need.

So in the short if any mentors could assist in suggestions to realize
a solution which brings out the full power of the board it would be
much appreciated.

I have created a project with additional detail,
(I will continue to add here until the proposal deadline)

Thank you,
Idris S.