[beagleboard] How to shut down BBB

There is a shutdown command on the desktop. You can shut it down from the serial terminal by typing “shutdown”.


i use "init 0". force of habit.


The reason I do not have “shutdown” command is that I was not a root user. I guess the onboard powerdown button will do the same when we do not have a terminal access. Is it correct??

在 2013年5月22日星期三UTC-4上午8时09分41秒,Gerald写道:

Nope. I can’t get it supported in software. It should. It can. That is what it is there for. But, the SW folks seem to be mystified by it.


Usually shutdown as regular user is allowed with sudo:
first install sudo
then add "user ALL=NOPASSWD: /sbin/shutdown" with visudo to sudoers
# sudo shutdown -h now
will shutdown without any password

You might prefer to change the suid bit:
chmod a+s /sbin/shutdown (see man chmod)
# shutdown -h now
without sudo is sufficiant....