[beagleboard] Industrial Use of Beaglebone

What's your concern? Why wouldn't any computer be able to run with
that duty cycle? The bone shouldn't have any problem with that duty
cycle, at reasonable, human range temperatures.

If you want to run at quite high or low temps, you might want to make
sure your temp ranges are covered by the version of the am335x used on
the bone.

I run bones basically constantly 24/7. No issues with being powered up
for long durations have surfaced for me, yet. Probably a week between
reboots on a few occasions.


Build quality is high. CircuitCo and Gerald know what they are doing.

I've not heard of issues with Gumstix, do you have any links? I'm

I do notice that the board (the PCB itself) gets warm when running for
long durations, but not hot by any means (sorry, no numbers yet). The
total power consumption, even under high load, is single digit Watts
(sub 2.5 W on USB, slightly more on AC input, due to frequency limit
imposed by the psp kernel) as listed in the SRM.

I'll be doing high and low temperature and vibe testing in the near
future (probably in January). If anything comes up I'll shout.