BeagleBoard init

I have Original BeagleBoard Rev C5, I followed these links to boot linux on the board but non of them worked:

My board doesn’t load and the serial console keeps repeating data like:
"Texas4 2011 - 22:(Jun 14 2011Reading

U-Boo1.5.0 (Jun oader 1.5.0Reading mmc
board + LPDX-Loader 1.LoadingSz, Max CPU+ LPDDR/NANrc1-00000-g
Texas Insev C5
U-Boot 2011.Hz, Max CPUruments X-L 2011 - 22:0U-Boot 2011.mHz
Beagle R
I2C: X-Loader 1.
U-Boot 201rd + LPDDR/Nader 1.5.0 ector
-OPP2, L3-16

Over and over. and I can’t write to it any more.

Can any one help me get the board working?


Could you be confusing a “Beaglebone (Black/White)” with a “Beagleboard” ?

No sir, I am sure, instructions in these topics are for the original BeagleBoard.
I formated my sdcard and created two partitions,
- Then I copied MLO, u-boot and uImage files to boot partition
- Copied the linux Image data to the other partition.
- re-powered the board holding user button.
- But when I restart the board nothing happens and the serial console keeps displaying random data about the board.
- Sometimes I get stuck in "reading u-boot.bin from mmc" line.

Maybe you forgot to press user button while booting(must start to press before power on) or maybe your boot partition doesn’t have a bootable flag?

Did you checked both?

24 Mayıs 2015 Pazar 23:47:34 UTC+3 tarihinde Mohamad Abuzaid yazdı: