[beagleboard] Installing new Angstrom kernel


Excerpts from djp's message of 2012-06-25 09:17:44 +0200:

I have built a new kernel (the ones that narsissus creates do not include
hidraw) using the instructions here

    I also rebuilt a kernel using the setup-tools because I needed
support for some atheros USB dongles.

Now I would like to install this new kernel on my image and run it. My
first attempt was to fish out the uImage file
and replace /boot/uImage with that but the boot process then stopped at the
"Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel" stage.

And yet, I am stuck to the same problem.

How do I use my new kernel?

    I copied uImage to both /boot/ and at the root of the fat32
partition. I copied both MLO and u-boot image to fat partition, and
extracted the modules at the root of the partition. And used the mkcard
script to partition the sdcard.

    What could be wrong ? is there a way to get more verbose output to
understand where it failed ?

There are a bunch of ipk files created too am I supposed to use them?

    once you've worked out a kernel that boots and does what you want,
you'll be able to provide a feed with your new kernel to upgrade other
beaglebones in case you need to...