BeagleBoard && internet key

Hi all,
I need to use an internet key with beagleboard.

I use Angstrom os created from
with included all kernel modules.

Is there a way to use an internet key (usb) that is known by kernel
without external modules?

what internet key do you use?

I use Zyxel G-202. Works out the box.

2010/7/7 luca26 <>

Hi, thanks,

does it works without need of external driver?
All you need is to set pppd ?

I hope by internet key you mean USB to Wifi adapter.
Dlink products work in my experience.


No, sorry,
I mean usb modem (hdspa/umts/gsm).

Have a look here:

It should work out of the box. No external drivers are required. The
modem will enumerate itself
as a usb serial device /dev/ttyUSBn. You will need some dialer like
wvdial . It should also be possible to configure
using network manager. In ubuntu it should be straight plug and play


what modem are you talking about...?

Guess you mentioned HSDPA Modem in this post. :slight_smile:

I have experience with the Huawei E160 which you get from 3 Mobil


ok thanks :smiley:

Now I'm searching where to buy the Huawei E156g or the E160 in italy
and if possible without block so I can use it with my mobile operator.