[beagleboard] My BeagleBoard Rev C4 will not work with pico-sd images

Hello all,

I have a Pico Projector V2 and a BeagleBoard rev C4 that I would like to use for structured lighting. I have followed the instructions at http://beagleboard.org/pico for configuring an SD card with the pico-sd-fat.tar.bz2 and pico-sd-ext3.tar.bz2 images, but have not had success. While it is booting the beagle splash screen is displayed. After several seconds the display changes to a small beagle with the text ‘beagleboard.org’ on the top left. Nothing happens after that, and the BeagleBoard is unresponsive to anything I type in Tera Term. The last line returned from the BeagleBoard is “Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!” Any suggestions? Are these images even compatible with the Rev C4 board?


Eric Seger

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"Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!"

Unfortunately this doesn't mean much, , apart from that fact that
things are so cactus there is no chance of going further.

You really need to read what happens before that to have any
indication why things are so rooted at that point. Could be a simple
matter of incorrect kernel arguments, all the way up to incompatible

The C4 certainly has differences but I don't know how many or if they
go beyond u-boot or the rom.