[beagleboard] New Beaglebone LCD Capes?

I like googlegroups. No new LCDs are currently planned in the near future, but I ma sure more will be coming out from the people that make them. All of the current ones should work fine once the SW is updated to support them. The existing camera cape may work, as long as you do not boot from eMMC. But that will require additional SW work to get it working as the BeagleBone black is based on the newer 3.8 kernel…


A 4" LCD will not stress the OS running at 1GHz. I do not expect any issues withe 4" LCD assuming SW can get up and running.


When someone gets it tested out. I have no schedule for such an event. That is up someone in the community to check it out.


Which OS can be run with the 4LCD cap by using touch screen? Is it possible to use a pen for this?

I should be supported in the Linux OS that ships withe board, I did on the BeagleBone.


any mailing list with public archives will have your name on the internet. if you are concerned sign up under a pseudonym.

So you don’t need a mouse under ubuntu, right?

Many forums use nicknames.

it is not a forum, it is a mailing list

It shows under the forum rubrique on their website.