BeagleBoard not booting

I just got my beagleboard today, and I have been trying to get it to
work for a couple of hours now. I have the BeagleBoard Gnome on an SD
card on the BB, and since I don't seem to have any HDMI cables, I am
using S-Video. According to everything I have seen, I should see
colored bars on the screen when the BB first starts. I don't. I also
have been trying to see whats going on via the serial header. I don't
have one of the cables, and so I put together my own using the pinouts
I found at as well as several other sites. I tried minicom,
screen, and even just cat on linux, as well as hyperterm on windows,
and absolutely nothing is being sent via serial. Is there something I
am missing, or does it sound like I received a defective board?

It is not likely that you are received a defective board. It sounds like you are missing a lot of the necessary items to use your board, like cables. There is a section in the System Reference Manual that tells you how to make a cable or test out the cable you have. You will need to reverse TX and RX between the Beagle and the PC in order for it to communicate.

How are you powering your board?
What are the LEDs doing when you boot the board without the SD card installed?


I just got a board this week and it has been flawless. Section 12 of the reference manual is where I started and then I did a Debian netinstall. This is my first time using an ARM board and I am impressed with the simplicity of the whole process when following the available documentation.

Based on what you have stated I suspect you have a faulty serial setup. For you reference I am using a standard serial header, 3’ null modem cable and PL2303 USB serial port. I would double and triple check your serial setup first and foremost.