[beagleboard] Open Source DSP Library


I could compile and install the Fastest FFT in the West (FFTW) on the BBB.

I have not yet used it; it was just to make sure that it is there when I have

fixed the low-level problems of my Fourier analyzer.

regards, Gerhard

Hi –

I have successfully installed and built FFTW as well as BLAS and LAPACK onto my BBB. FFTW gives you the FFT, while BLAS and LAPACK give you highly optimized matrix manipulations and solvers. I posed the build instructions which worked for me here:


I did this as part of writing an implementation of the MUSIC algorithm to run on the BBB in real time. If you’re interested, the entire project is on GitHub here:


The project is targeted to an old Debian version (9.2), but the software instructions should still be applicable.

Hope they are useful to you.